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Jewelry for your Journey

Welcome to Honor Quest, where our artistic process is inspired by uncovering life’s beauty that is hidden both in and all around us. At Honor Quest we believe much of life is about great discovery, whether it’s finding crystals buried in the earth, ancient glass lost in the ocean, or the jewels hidden within us. Through this sacred journey of discovery and reimagining we hope to create what will be an outward expression of the great inner beauty within you.  


Much love,


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“I have purchased multiple handmade pieces from Honor Quest and I LOVE every single one of them! Megan's artistry is Outstandingly Beautiful! Her pieces are well crafted and you can tell she puts a lot of thought, time and love into each and every one of her creations. I recommend everyone to check out Honor Quest!”

Nicole Johnson

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“Honor Quest has quickly become my favorite place to shop for Jewelry. All of the pieces are incredibly well made, unique, and breath taking. I haven’t spent a day without one or more pieces of Honor Quest on my body.” 

Rachael James

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"I Love all of my Honor Quest! I know when I get Megan’s designs I'm getting high quality, well curated jewelry that is unique. I know each piece is created with love. Her art is inspiring and it makes me feel great each day when I wear it."

amiee mccoy

“Every unique piece I have bought from Honor Quest is a treasure! I have 5 or 6 necklaces and always get compliments when I wear them. I love being able to tell people that these were handmade by a childhood friend! Megan even made a necklace/earring set for my Mom when I placed a special order. 5 ⭐️ for sure!!” 

Ashleigh Austin

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